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Millennium: 2nd millennium

The 1220s was a decade of the Julian Calendar which began on January 1, 1220, and ended on December 31, 1229.




(The Jews were accused of a ritual murder. A crowd stormed the synagogue where the Jews had gathered. The threat was baptism or death. The Jewish quarter including the synagogue was razed, many Jews were tortured and killed. Among the martyrs were Shem Tov ha-Levi, and Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Kalonymos.)


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  • The University of Naples is founded.
  • September 14 (approximate date) – St. Francis of Assisi, while praying on the mountain of Verna during a 40-day fast, has a vision, as a result of which he receives the stigmata. Brother Leo, who is with Francis at the time, leaves a clear and simple account of the event, the first definite account of the phenomenon of stigmata.[10]



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Arts and culture
  • In Norway, Brother Robert writes Saga Af Tristram ok Ísodd, one of the rare fully surviving versions of the legend of Tristan and Iseult.[14]



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  • Sukaphaa, the first Ahom king, establishes his rule in Assam. The Ahom kings reign for close to 600 years.

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  • The city of Tournai emits its first recorded life annuity, thus confirming a trend of consolidation of public debts started ten years earlier, in Reims.[19]
  • The first evidence is uncovered of the use of the Knights Templar as cashiers by the king of England, to transfer safely important sums to the continent, using letters of exchange. This shows that large transfers could take place across Europe, even before the emergence of important networks of Italian merchant-bankers.[20]



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