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Crown of Baden in the Badische Landesmuseum

Crown of Baden, also known as the Grand Ducal Crown of Baden (German: die Badische Krone or Großherzoglich badische Krone) is a crown formerly used by the Grand Duke of Baden and part of the Crown Jewels of Baden. The crown is 26 cm high and has a diameter of 13,8 cm. Today the crown is kept at the Museum of Baden (German: Badische Landesmuseum), which itself was built within the old walls of the former Karlsruhe Palace.

Grand Duke Karl II of Baden was promoted from margrave to grand duke by Napoleon I, the cousin by marriage of his wife, Stéphanie Louise Adrienne de Beauharnais. Having come into a large amount of jewels and precious metals during the secularisation of many churches Karl II ordered a crown, befitting his new title on the 20th of May 1808. The design of the crown follows the general pattern typical of a European royal crown, but is unique in that the circlet and the arches of the crown are made of gold fabric rather than of a precious metal such as gold or silver-gilt. Karl II died in 1811 before the crown was completed; the persons in charge hurried production of the crown in time for the funeral. The rush is evidenced by the relative simplicity of the crown, and the use of cheap materials in the production such as steel and even paper mache! [1] The aforementioned precious stones which ornament this crown are in metal settings which are attached to this circlet and these arches much like brooches pinned to fabric. At the intersection of the four arches of this crown is a blue enameled orb and a cross both set with diamonds. The cap on the inside of the crown is made of the same crimson velvet which also covers the reverse sides of the arches of the crown.[2] The crown was never worn by any of the grand dukes.


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