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Location of Jezero within Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location of Jezero within Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates: 44°21′0″N 17°10′5″E / 44.35000°N 17.16806°E / 44.35000; 17.16806Coordinates: 44°21′0″N 17°10′5″E / 44.35000°N 17.16806°E / 44.35000; 17.16806
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entity Republika Srpska
 • Mayor Snežana Ružičić (SNSD)
 • Total 55.6 km2 (21.5 sq mi)
 (1991 census)
 • Total 1,144
 • Density 21/km2 (53/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
Area code(s) 387 (50)

Jezero (Serbian Cyrillic: Језеро) is a village and a municipality located in western Republika Srpska, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As of 2013, it has a population of 1,131 inhabitants, while the village of Jezero has a population of 1144, while the town of Jezero has a population of 702 inhabitants.


Physical geography

The Jezero municipality consists of hills, mountains and basins. The altitude is between 432 and 1267 meters, the highest mountains in the municipality are Gorica and Sinjakovo. The rivers that flow through the Jezero municipality are Pliva and Jošavka as well as their tributaries. The Jezero town is situated on location where the Pliva river enters Veliko Plivsko Lake.

Political geography

The Jezero municipality is located in the northeastern part of Republika Srpska. It borders the municipalities of Mrkonjić Grad, Jajce and Šipovo. The Jezero municipality is one of the smaller municipalities of Republika Srpska, with an area of 55,6 km2 and makes up 0,23% of the total territory of the Republic of Srpska.


The area of the Jezero municipality belongs to the zone of temperate continental climate with the average annual temperature of is 10.5 °C. The average annual rainfall is about 981 mm, and is evenly distributed throughout the year.


Ancient times

Jezero has had a long history. It is supposed that there had been a settlement at that area even in the Illyrian period and, according to traditional stories, as the Illyrian queen Teuta had ordered, the channel was dug so that the Illyrian fortress was established on the river island where the large part of settlement is still located. Roads passed through Jezero in Roman period and in the Middle Ages. The fortress on the river island was conquered by the Ottoman military during their conquest of Bosnia in 1463.

Formation of Jezero municipality

Before the war, the municipality of Jezero was a local community and belonged to the municipality of Jajce. After the signing of the Dayton Agreement (The General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina), inter-entity boundary line separated Jezero from Jajce. Thus the municipality of Jezero was established by the decision of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska in June 1996.


The village name Jezero derives from jezero, which in several Slavic languages, including Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian and Slovene, means "lake".



Population of settlements – Jezero municipality
Settlement 1948. 1953. 1961. 1971. 1981. 1991. 2013.
Total 2,604 3,323 1,949 1,144
Borci 227
Čerkazovići 220
Drenov Do 145
Đumezlije 92
Jezero 655 595 728 834 702
Kovačevac 131
Ljolići 205
Perućica 95

Ethnic composition

Ethnic composition – Jezero town
2013. 1991. 1981. 1971.
Total 702 (100,0%) 834 (100,0%) 728 (100,0%) 595 (100,0%)
Bosniaks 477 (57,19%) 409 (56,18%) 435 (73,11%)
Serbs 282 (33,81%) 245 (33,65%) 131 (22,02%)
Yugoslavs 34 (4,077%) 46 (6,319%) 6 (1,008%)
Croats 33 (3,957%) 13 (1,786%) 19 (3,193%)
Others 8 (0,959%) 9 (1,236%) 4 (0,672%)
Albanians 6 (0,824%)
Ethnic composition – Jezero municipality
Nationality 2013. 1991. 1981. 1971.
Total 1,144 (100,0%) 834 (100,0%) 728 (100,0%) 595 (100,0%)
Bosniaks 477 (57,19%) 409 (56,18%) 435 (73,10%)
Serbs 841 (73,51%) 282 (33,81%) 245 (33,65%) 131 (22,01%)
Croats 11 (0,962%) 33 (3,95%) 13 (1,78%) 19 (3,19%)
Yugoslavs 34 (4,07%) 46 (6,31%) 6 (1,00%)
Others 5 (0,437%) 8 (0,95%) 15 (2,06%) 4 (0,67%)


The municipality of Jezero has significant water potential (rivers Pliva, Jošavka and rivers of Perućica, lake Đol in Ljoljići). Those potentials can be used for the development of tourism and hydro potential, ecology and protection of healthy environment.

The municipality Jezero is located on the river Pliva, halfway between Jajce and Šipovo at an altitude of 430 m. What is specific for Jezero is that it is located exactly on the confluence of the river Pliva with Great Pliva Lake, surrounded with beautiful mountain range. Except Pliva Lake, there are two more lakes nearby, those are Veliki Đol (Great Đol) and Mali Đol (Small Đol), places remarkably famous among the fishermen. Besides, Jezero has excellent conditions for paragliding, mountaineering and mountain-biking.

Jezero on Mars

In 2007, following the discovery of ancient crater-lake on planet Mars, the feature was named Jezero, after this town in Bosnia and Herzegovina[1][2], which is country's one of several eponymous towns and villages.[3]

In November 2018, it was announced that Jezero crater had been chosen as the landing site for the planned Mars 2020 rover mission.[4][5][6]

Jezero crater on edge of western Isidis basin
Jezero crater
Ancient rivers (left) flowed into the crater; overflow carved the outlet canyon (right).[10][11]
Jezero delta – chemical alteration by water


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