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Michel Pagliaro
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Background information
Born (1948-11-09) 9 November 1948 (age 70)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter and guitarist
Years active 1966 – present
Labels DCP International
(also Pye in the UK and US, and Columbia in US; French-language recordings bear the CBS brand)
Website pagliaro.ca

Michel Armand Guy Pagliaro (born 9 November 1948) is a Canadian rock singer, songwriter and guitarist from Montreal, Quebec.[1] Pagliaro was nominated for a 1975 Juno Award as male vocalist of the year. Although he writes and records predominantly in French, Pagliaro has released material in English.


Pagliaro's first nationally English-charted hit was his 1970 single "Give Us One More Chance".[2] Other significant hits in English include "Lovin' You Ain't Easy" (1971), "Rainshowers" (1972), "Some Sing Some Dance" (1972), and "What The Hell I Got" (1975). Pagliaro was the first Canadian artist to score top 40 hits on both the anglophone and francophone pop charts in Canada.[3]

Michel Pagliaro also produced[4] the first album of his son Roman's group, Les Fous de la Reine, which won both Musiqualité[5] and Diapason music contests in 2014. Their first two singles, La Guillotine and La face cachée de la neige were met with positive reception and played regularly on commercial radio stations, notably CKOI-FM.[6] He continued to perform.[7]


At the Juno Awards of 1975, Pagliaro was nominated for the Male Vocalist of the Year award.[8] Pagliaro received the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, Canada's highest honour in the performing arts, in 2008.[9] His song "J'entends frapper", a major hit in Quebec, was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2010.

In 2002, Pagliaro was the recipient of the National Achievement Award at the annual Francophone SOCAN Awards held in Montreal.[10]


Studio albums

Although several of Pagliaro's albums have the same title, releases listed are not reissues.

Year Album Label Notes
1968 Michel Pagliaro DSP International
1970 Pagliaro Spectrum
Première époque Spectrum Album featuring for the first time some singles recorded between 1966 and 1970.
1971 Pagliaro a.k.a. Rainshowers Much Reissued in 1976 on Amber Label
1972 PAG RCA Victor
1974 Rockers RCA Victor
Pagliaro a.k.a. Ça va brasser RCA Victor
1975 Pagliaro I Columbia
Pagliaro CBS
1976 Aujourd'hui CBS
1977 Time Race Columbia
1978 Rock'n roll Martin
1980 The Rockers RCA European release
1981 Bamboo Trans-Canada
1988 Sous peine d'amour Alert Music Reissued in 1990, The track "It's love" has been replaced by "Les bombes" and "Rock somebody" by "Dangereux"; Audiogram.

Live albums

Year Album Label Notes
1973 Pagliaro Live RCA Victor
2005 Live à Québec Earth Born Entertainment


Year Single Label Notes
1966 On est heureux –
J'ai cru à mon rêve
RCA Victor With Les Tallmud
Personne ne sait –
Pour vous
Miracle With Les Chanceliers
Tu peux t'en aller –
Non ce n'est pas fini
Trans-Canada With Les Chanceliers
1967 Le p'tit Poppy –
La génération d'aujourd'hui
Citation With Les Chanceliers
Toi jeune fille –
Seul trop longtemps
Citation With Les Chanceliers
Oogum boogum –
La fille dont je rêve
Citation With Les Chanceliers
Noel blanc –
L'enfant au tambour
Citation Side A by Les Chanceliers, Side B by César Et Les Romains
À Paris la nuit –
Attends tu verras
Citation With Les Chanceliers
1968 Boule de suie –
Herménégylde Godefroy
Citation With Les Chanceliers
Les vacances (with Renée Martel) –
Tous les arbres sont en fleurs (by Renée Martel)
Comme d'habitude –
Spooky –
Jojo le clown
Ton nom imprimé sur mon cœur –
Dum dum dum
Hey Jude –
Ils dépensent tout
DSP With François d'Assise
Saint Nicolas –
Le petit enfant saint
Que le monde est beau DSP Promo disc recorded on one face
1969 Comme d'habitude –
Sunny –
À Paris la nuit (with Les Chanceliers) –
Un enfant (with Les Chanceliers)
DSP Super 4 Compilation
Spooky (with François d'Assise) –
Jojo le clown (with François d’Assise) –
Les vacances (with Renée Martel) –
Tous les arbres sont en fleur (with Renée Martel)
DSP Super 4 Compilation
Avec la tête, avec le cœur –
Que le monde est beau
À t'aimer –
C'est l'été –
Spectrum With Renée Martel
Pour toi, pour toi –
Mama river
1970 Na na hey hey goodbye –
Delta lady
Spectrum With Nanette Workman
L'amour est là –
Toute la nuit
J'ai marché pour une nation –
Oui c'est bien facile
Walking across the nation –
Miami roads
Give us one more chance –
Good feelings all over
We're dancing 'til it blows over –
I wanna turn you on
1971 M’lady –
Dans le même ton
AMI Records
Lovin' you ain't easy –
She moves light
1972 Mon cœur –
AMI Records
Rainshowers –
It ain't the way
Revolution –
Some sing, some dance –
Magic moments
Safari –
Ayala red
Much With the group Mighty
J'entends frapper –
Chez moi
RCA Victor
1973 Fou de toi –
Prisonnier d'enfer
RCA Victor
Run along, baby –
You gotta make it
Sure, maybe –
Northern star
Miss Ann –
Notre côté B
Much With les Rockers
1974 Faut tout donner –
Histoire d'amour
RCA Victor
Killing time –
It's all over now
RCA Victor
Toute la nuit –
Plus fort
Quinze cent trente quatre
Bébé tu m'fais flipper quand tu joues mon gazou –
RCA Victor
1975 Ti-bidon –
Fièvre des tropiques
RCA Victor
Ça va brasser –
RCA Victor
Comme d'habitude –
Avec la tête, avec le cœur
Millionnaires Reissue, previously released material
Pour toi, pour toi –
À t'aimer
Millionnaires Reissue, previously released material
J'entends frapper –
Fou de toi
Millionnaires Reissue, previously released material
Ti-Bidon –
Mon cœur
Millionnaires Reissue, previously released material
J'ai marché pour une nation –
Ton nom imprimé dans mon cœur
Millionnaires Reissue, previously released material
M'lady –
L'amour est là
Millionnaires Reissue, previously released material
What the hell I got –
Get down
Dans la peau –
El chicano
J'entends frapper –
Dans la peau
CBS European release
I don't believe it's you –
Walking the dog
1976 Louise –
Louise –
Château d'Espagne
Émeute dans la prison –
Si tu voulais
Louise –
Si tu voulais
CBS European release
Last night –
Last night
Last night –
Cross your heart
1977 Aujourd'hui –
Dock of the bay –
Dock of the bay
Dock of the bay –
Laser gypsy
Gloire à nous –
C'est ma fête
Time race –
Time race
Time race –
Tied on
Le temps presse –
Time race
Le temps presse –
Rock'n roll
CBS European release
Happy together –
Say you will
1978 Spider woman –
The stripper
Plastic Poison
T'es pas tout seul à soir –
L'ennui cherche l'amour
Disques Martin
C'est comme ça que ça roule dans l'nord –
Le p'tit train
Disques Martin
1982 Travailler –
Soleil pour des lunes
Bamboo –
Quand on fait l'amour –
Cadillac –
Palisades boogie
Romantique –
RCA European release
1983 Body mind soul –
Poison in the heart
Big Beat European release
Rock Billy rock –
Big Beat European release
1987 Les bombes –
1988 L'espion –
Coup de cœur –
It's love
Héros –
Juke box
1990 Sous peine d'amour –
Une vie à vivre –


Year Album Label Notes
1970 Rock 'n roll Citation
1971 Michel Pagliaro Trans-World
1972 M'Lady Trans-World
1973 21 disques d'or Les Archives du Disque Québécois
1975 17 grands succès Production Multi-Pop
1981 PAG Big Beat European release
1982 ROCK avec PAG K-Tel
1987 Avant Aquarius
1995 Hit Parade Audiogram 2 CD
1997 Goodbye Rain Disques @
2000 Pag Mediarock
2011 Pag collection - Tonnes de flashs Musicor 13-CD boxset
2015 Greatest Hits MediaRock 10 songs in English

Collaborations and performances as guest star

  • 1966 Les Chanceliers (Citation); Reissued partially in 1969 Le P'tit Poppy (Tradition)
  • 1968 Reels Psychadeliques, vol. 1 (with Ouba) (Revolution)
  • 1968 Reels Psychadeliques, vol. 2 (with Ouba) (Revolution)
  • 1971 Pagliaro & Martel (with Renée Martel) (Trans-World, Compilation)
  • 1972 Michel Pagliaro et les Chanceliers (Tradition, Compilation)
  • 1975 Patof - Patof Rock. Michel Pagliaro : electric guitars (uncredited) (Campus)
  • 1993 Au nom de l'amour. Héros (new recording); Au nom de l'amour (with the group). (other songs by various artists) (Au Nom de l'Amour)
  • 1994 Jacques Higelin - Aux héros de la voltige. Michel Pagliaro : electric guitars on the whole album; arrangements on Le Berceau De la Vie; music on Électrocardiogramme Plat, Hot Chaud and Aux Héros De La Voltige (EMI)
  • 2001 Freak Out Total (with Ouba) (Gear Fab, Compilation)
  • 2005 Jacques Higelin - Entre 2 gares (Compilation). Michel Pagliaro : guitars (EMI)

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  • Michel Pagliaro official site
  • 2007 Radio-Canada interview with Christiane Charette (French)
  • Watch Pag, a 2008 documentary short, National Film Board of Canada
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