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October 11

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October 11 is the 284th day of the year (285th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 81 days remain until the end of the year.

This date is slightly more likely to fall on a Tuesday, Sunday, or Thursday(58 times in 400 years) than a Friday or Saturday (57), and slightly less likely to fall on a Monday or Wednesday (56).


  • 1138 – A massive earthquake strikes Aleppo; it is one of the most destructive earthquakes ever.[1]
  • 1142 – A peace treaty ends the Jin–Song wars.
  • 1311 – The peerage and clergy restrict the authority of English kings with the Ordinances of 1311.
  • 1531Huldrych Zwingli is killed in battle with the Roman Catholic cantons of Switzerland.
  • 1614 – The New Netherland Company applies to the States General of the Netherlands for exclusive trading rights in what is now the northeastern United States.
  • 1634 – The Burchardi flood kills around 15,000 in North Friesland, Denmark and Germany.
  • 1649 – Cromwell's New Model Army Sacks Wexford, killing over 2,000 Irish Confederate troops and 1,500 civilians.
  • 1767 – Surveying for the Mason–Dixon line separating Maryland from Pennsylvania is completed.
  • 1776 – American Revolution: A fleet of American boats on Lake Champlain is defeated by the Royal Navy, but delays the British advance until 1777.
  • 1797 – The Royal Navy decisively defeats the Batavian Navy at Camperdown during the French Revolutionary Wars.
  • 1811 – The Juliana begins operation as the first steam-powered ferry in New York harbor.
  • 1840 – The Maronite leader Bashir Shihab II surrenders to the Ottoman Empire and later is sent to Malta in exile.
  • 1852 – The University of Sydney, Australia's oldest university, is inaugurated in Sydney.
  • 1862 – American Civil War: Confederate troops conduct a raid on Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
  • 1865 – Hundreds of black men and women march in Jamaica, starting the Morant Bay rebellion.
  • 1890 – In Washington, D.C., the Daughters of the American Revolution is founded.
  • 1899 – The Second Boer War erupts in South Africa between the British-ruled Cape Colony, and the Boer-ruled Transvaal and Orange Free State.
  • 1906 – San Francisco sparks a diplomatic crisis between the United States and Japan by ordering segregated schools for Japanese students.
  • 1910 – Piloted by Arch Hoxsey, Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first U.S. president to fly in an airplane.
  • 1912 – First Balkan War: The day after the Battle of Sarantaporo, Greek troops liberate the city of Kozani.
  • 1918 – The 7.1 Mw San Fermín earthquake shakes Puerto Rico. The quake and resulting tsunami kill up to 116 people.
  • 1937 – The Duke and Duchess of Windsor tour Nazi Germany for 12 days and meet Adolf Hitler on the 22nd.
  • 1941 – Beginning of the National Liberation War of Macedonia.
  • 1942 – World War II: Off Guadalcanal, United States Navy ships intercept and defeat a Japanese force.
  • 1944 – The Tuvan People's Republic is annexed by the Soviet Union.
  • 1950 – CBS's field-sequential color system for television is the first to be licensed for broadcast by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.
  • 1954 – In accord with the 1954 Geneva Conference, French troops complete their withdrawal from North Vietnam.
  • 1958 – NASA launches Pioneer 1, its first space probe, although it fails to achieve a stable orbit.
  • 1962 – The Second Vatican Council becomes the first ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church in 92 years.
  • 1968 – NASA launches Apollo 7, the first successful manned Apollo mission.
  • 1972A race riot occurs on the United States Navy aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk off the coast of Vietnam.
  • 1976 – George Washington is posthumously promoted to the grade of General of the Armies.
  • 1984 – Aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan becomes the first American woman to perform a space walk.
  • 1984 – Aeroflot Flight 3352 crashes into maintenance vehicles upon landing in Omsk, Russia, killing 178.
  • 1986 – Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Iceland to continue discussions about scaling back IRBM arsenals in Europe.
  • 1987 – The AIDS Memorial Quilt is first displayed during the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.
  • 1987 – Start of Operation Pawan by Indian forces in Sri Lanka. Thousands of civilians, insurgents, soldiers die.
  • 1991 – Prof. Anita Hill delivers her televised testimony concerning sexual harassment during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination[2]
  • 2000 – NASA launches STS-92, the 100th Space Shuttle mission.
  • 2001 – The Polaroid Corporation files for federal bankruptcy protection.
  • 2002 – A bomb attack in a shopping mall in Finland kills seven.
  • 2013 – A migrant boat sinks in the Channel of Sicily with at least 34 people dead.
  • 2018Soyuz MS-10, launching an intended crew for the ISS, suffers an in-flight abort. The crew lands safely.



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